Lost Your Luggage? Here’s What You Should Do

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One of the worst things that could happen to you when you’re travelling is losing your luggage. Not only could you lose all your valuable belongings before your trip even starts, but now you’re also left with nothing other than your possessions on you.

Before you decide it’s the worst day of your life, there are a few things that you should do if you realise your luggage is lost such as making a claim from your travel insurance. Make sure you remain calm while taking these steps:

Report the problem

It is crucial that you contact the right authorities about your missing baggage before you leave the airport. Provide information about yourself, the description of your luggage and give an address so they know where to deliver your bag when it’s found. Once an official report has been made, remember to get a copy of your report and take note of the necessary information.

Request for reimbursement

It depends on airlines to airlines, but you’re usually entitled to some kind of reimbursement when you lose your luggage. Most airlines provide basic necessities such as toiletries to keep you fresh while they search for your bag. Credit card users can also request for compensation if the flight was purchased with their card.

Provide receipts if you have them

It may be troublesome to do this task, but keeping every receipt of your lost items helps in proving the value of the items in your lost bags. You might not have the full compensation, but it will aid in your claim.

Be prepared next time

No one can guarantee the well-being of your luggage, but you can take precautions to make your life easier if it happens again. For example, take pictures of the items in your luggage and the bag itself so you don’t have to describe your lost items. You should also not keep all your items in one bag; keep some spare clothes in your carry-on.


Travelling can be stressful at times when misfortunes happen, but you can take preventive measures such as purchasing travel insurance to give yourself peace of mind.

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