Food Pyramid for Kids

Many parents often ask questions like “What kind of food is healthy for my child?” and “How much food should my child eat every meal?”. If you find yourself as one of the parents who is asking these questions, you have the answer in the Food Pyramid. The Food Pyramid for kids is designed to help you follow a healthy diet and it has been one of the most reliable resources for parents.


What is the Importance of Food Pyramid for Kids?

The Food Pyramid was developed after many thorough kinds of research, keeping in mind with our daily lifestyle and food dietary habits. The purpose of this Food Pyramid is to help children maintain a healthy lifestyle, with equal emphasis on food diet and physical activity.

food pyramid for kids

What are the Key Components of Food Pyramid?

The five basic food components for kids that are part of the food pyramid are:



  • Grains


Children are involved in a lot of physical activities, therefore, they need carbohydrates as a source of energy. Example of grain foods include cereals, bread, rice, and pasta.



  • Fruits


Fruits provide our bodies with vitamins and fiber content. It improves your digestive system. Fruits with the highest source of Vitamin C are kiwi, berries and papaya. One-quarter of your child’s daily meal should consist of fruits.


  • Vegetables


Children need minerals and vitamins to ensure their growth and development. Green-leafy vegetables are a good source of these nutrients. It is recommended to offer at least 5 or more green and colored vegetables in your child’s everyday meals.



  • Dairy Products


Dairy products provide the required amount of vitamins, proteins, and calcium for your children. These nutrients help in building healthy bones and are also healthy for your child’s teeth. The most popular forms of dairy products include cheese, milk, and yogurt.


  • Protein


Protein like meat, beans, and fish are the essential component of child growth and it gives energy to our body. It helps in building and replacing body tissue in your child’s body.



It is very important for us to ensure that we are getting appropriate foods and consuming sufficient nutrients. The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to consume all the five key components in your daily meal. To understand more about a complete and balanced nutrition, visit now!