Get Insured With Great Eastern Takaful

About Great Eastern Takaful

Great Eastern Takaful was already released as a subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings in 2010. They’ve got several different insurance products, offering you with the coverage and protection that is required over the way you live. Using their effective approach and service, Great Eastern Takaful has won awards such as ‘Best Takaful Operator’ and ‘Best New Islamic Institution.’

Protect Yourself With Insurance

Insurance provides you with solutions for uncertainties later on including accidents or medical problems. By acquiring insured, you cast a security net over these risks and issues, protecting several valuable factors of your whole life. Thus, your quality of life, business and legacy will be secured when you get yourself insurance from Great Eastern Takaful.

The Importance Of Personal Insurance

Besides yourself, you and your family and friends also deserve insurance. Getting insurance for the entire family ensures that they’re always protected and stay to normal on education plans and life. Secure your family’s future by using Great Eastern Takaful’s medical assistance alongside other insurance plans.

Great Eastern Takaful

Be Superior With Business Insurance

Like a business proprietor, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that involve your companies and employees. You will want to get insurance equivalent to Great Eastern Takaful corporate solutions mainly because it protects both your employees in addition to their family. With health and medical insurance plans, your team can give attention to their work with mental comfort.

Takaful Being An Insurance Option

Takaful is a type of insurance devised to comply with the Shariah laws, by which money is pooled and invested. By way of a concept of mutuality, the participants’ capital fund may perhaps be purchased investments which can be Shariah-compliant. One of the keys characteristics can be costs nothing from riba (interest), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

Exactly What Makes Takaful Insurance Different?

There are some ways how a conventional insurance plan is completely different from takaful insurance. Conventional insurance policy is depending on commercial factors and is also subjected to government entities law. Simply because it involves interest, uncertainties and speculation, it is actually riskier than takaful. To get a more secure and stable option, takaful helps you to protect yourself through mutuality.

Thinking About Choose Takaful Insurance?

Involved in takaful carries a volume of advantages. If for example the capital invested remains unclaimed, both you and other participants have the opportunity to enjoy equal mudharabah payments. There is no set amount but only an agreed-upon ratio for every single participants. This method of mutuality and transparency is what makes takaful so attractive.

Steps To Apply For Takaful Insurance

To begin your takaful journey, go to the nearest Great Eastern Takaful branch and get in touch with our agents. We’ll help you with your needs and provide with the right solutions to your worries. To make a claim, bring the required documents and forms downloaded from the website and hand it around the nearest branch.

Let Great Eastern Takaful Protect Your Future

Whether you’re planning on your own personal insurance, family, or your business, you’ll never get it wrong which includes a takaful plan. Protection and coverage are necessary matter nowadays then one of the finest, risk-free ways to practice it is by using takaful. Great Eastern Takaful can provide you with the reassurance you would need to enjoy a better future and wealth. Click pelan takaful for more info.