The Do and Don’ts When Giving Interview Feedback

As a hiring manager, do you provide interview feedback to candidates? Do you think it’s necessary to tell how candidates did even when they’re not qualified for the position? Would you spend time to help rejected candidates on Jobstreet Singapore improve?

Most people think giving interview feedback is a waste of time, but it pays off in the long term. It will provide a positive candidate experience and improve your employer brand as it shows that you care.

Are you convinced it’s a good idea now? Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to giving interview feedback:

DO be helpful with your feedback

Feedback to candidates should be meaningful and uncondescending. The purpose of giving feedback is to help them to improve, so think specifically what they can change from the interview with you and provide directions. If a candidate takes your advice and improves himself, it will give you reasons to hire them in the future too.

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DO praise when you can

Candidates may feel miserable after rejection, so if you spot any good traits during the interview, don’t hesitate to say it. Positive feedback isn’t just about softening the blow, it tells candidates what they did well and that they should keep it up with it.

DON’T compare

Candidates know there are better candidates when they don’t get hired, so there’s no need to tell them, especially if they went through a group interview. Instead of telling them how other candidates are better, focus on telling them how they can improve.

DON’T raise false hopes

The way you provide your interview feedback has to be carefully thought out. You don’t want to mislead candidates with answers like “You’d be perfect for the job if you worked on more on Javascript”, as they might think you didn’t consider them because of their lack of that particular skill. You can’t be sure if you’ll hire the candidate next time if they apply again.


Most recruiters wouldn’t even consider giving back interview feedback given how busy everyone is, but there is nothing but positive impacts if you do keep up with it.

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